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Access your RDO Equipment Co. invoices 24x7.

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eServices is our invoice-reporting tool for customers. This free service benefits you in the following ways:

  • Access to your RDO Equipment Co. Invoices (updated nightly).
  • Quick, easy tracking of your RDO Equipment Co. transactions.
  • Logins for multiple users.

Sign up today!

  1. Call (800) 950-4905
  2. An RDO Equipment Co. representative will process your request within 24 hours and notify you when it is completed.
  3. Once you receive your username and password, visit http://www.rdoequipment.com/ and click on the eServices login icon.
  4. You will then be prompted to log in using your newly-created username and password.

How do I access my information?

  1. Click the eServices button at the top. Use your provided username and password to log in.

  2. Under "My Account" there are two useful functions:
    • The subheading "My Account" allows you to view your aging balances
    • The subheading "Outstanding Details" displays your outstanding invoice numbers and balances

Please note that John Deere Multi Use Account and PowerPlan customers are only able to view invoice history.

Will I still receive my invoices and month end statements?

Yes, you will still receive your RDO Equipment Co. invoices and month end statements as you do today. Although not required, eServices is an additional online service provided to all customers who would like up to date daily access to their account information. If you have further questions, please call (800) 950-4905.

What if I have problems logging in or problems while I’m logged in?

If you have technical difficulties while using your eServices account, please contact (800) 950-4905.