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Sentera  agricultural drones


Agricultural Drones

RDO Integrated Controls knows that precision agriculture technology is a key factor when it comes to innovative agriculture solutions. And agricultural drones are the latest cutting-edge solution in agriculture technology.

When you use a drone, you’ll be able to collect digital data to manage crop production on a more precise field scale. With integrated remote sensing, GIS mapping and more, you have the ability to see the true health of crops and find potential yield limiting problems so they can be fixed in a timely fashion.

By providing real-time aerial imaging of fields, farmers and agriculturalists can more precisely apply crop inputs to validate past management decisions and adjust in-season practices. And if you own livestock, drone technology will allow you to quickly and efficiently monitor your livestock and let you know where they are and how they’re doing within minutes. Plus, using drones in agriculture means you’ll have the ability to cover hundreds of acres in a single flight without the cost or hassle of manned services.

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