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RDO Integrated Controls Assists at CLSA Trig Star Contest

Trig Star is an annual high school mathematics competition based on the practical application of trigonometry.  Students that participate are not only provided with an opportunity to earn awards, but also leave with a better understanding of the technical profession of Land Surveying and Mapping.

Professional Land Surveyors’ use the Trig Star program to advance communication with the communities they serve. Local Land Surveying and Civil Engineering companies provide resources.

What happens during the Trig Star Contest? A presentation by a Land Surveyor to help participants understand the Land Surveying/ Geomatics Profession. The exam is a timed exercise, during which students must solve trigonometric problems that incorporate the use of the right triangle formulas, the law of sines, and the law of cosines. The student with the highest score and fastest time will be named the "Trig Star" for each high school participating in the program.

Whitney Smelser, Account Manager, assisted at the San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter event. He demonstrated optical instruments to the high school students.

According to Whitney, the students were very interested on getting hands on exposure to the equipment.  Many of the students and teachers had a whole host of questions about the engineering profession in general, and raised questions about equipment positioning manufacturing process in terms of applied physics.

“Interacting with these young enterprising students was a pleasure and overall fulfilling experience. It was amazing how quick they understood concepts. That day the teacher learned from the students!” commented Whitney.

June 17, 2013  |  Category: Events