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The eBee is the easiest-to-use, fully autonomous mini-drone on the market.

Modular design for easy transport

The eBee fits into a single box and is easy to transport, due to its detachable and replaceable wings. The eBee has a modular design, allowing the wings to be disassembled and stored along with the central body and all its accessories in a small case. The case is so small and lightweight that you can even take it as cabin baggage (IATA guidelines). The eBee will accompany you on all your projects.

Inherently safer design

At less than 700g (1.5lbs) the eBee is one of the lightest drones on the market. With its flexible foam air frame and its rear-mounted propeller our drone is designed to enhance the safety of the operation. Exceptionally lightweight, the eBee can be launched by hand.

Autopilot & artificial intelligence

Our proprietary autopilot, at the core of all our products, is the result of years of research and development. The eBee takes off, flies and lands autonomously. The artificial intelligence incorporated in the senseFly autopilot continuously analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Unit and the onboard GPS and takes care of all aspects of the flight mission.

Ground sensing & linear landing

The eBee’s ground sensor is composed of a high-speed optical sensor and lens that can estimate the distance to the ground with high accuracy. This sensor helps the eBee land gently using an autonomous linear landing procedure in a variety of terrains and with more precision than is possible with GPS alone.

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