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Compact, robust multi-purpose GNSS antenna

Dual-constellation, double-frequency with L-Band DGPS corrections

Dual-constellation, double-frequency GNSS antenna for high accuracy in everyday work

The Topcon MG-A8 antenna is designed for navigation and precise positioning in marine applications. It provides exemplary GNSS signal tracking while not being susceptible to signal jamming from other sources, such as Inmarsat communications.

The MG-A8 can be used in DGPS mode for meter level navigation purposes but can also be used for RTK centimeter-level positioning in areas where there is a network of reference stations available to support this level of precision. With its RTK capabilities, L1 and L2 signal reception, L- band corrections and INMARSAT rejection, the MG-A8 is perfectly suited for applications such as dredging in inland river channels and waterways.

  •     Ideal for Marine Applications
  •     Tuned for mitigating in-band interference
  •     Compact Dual Frequency package that supports L-band and RTK
  •     INMARSAT signal rejection