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Archer 2

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Ruggedized Field Controller

The Sokkia Archer 2 data controller is designed for the construction, mapping and survey professional operating MAGNET® and works with all Sokkia GPS receivers and total stations. The Archer 2 has an optional 3.5G cellular modem that provides access to MAGNET Enterprise for sending and receiving data files and staying connected.

The Archer 2 includes a capacitive touchscreen, similar to many of the smartphones used every day. The display surface is also extremely scratch-resistant, and much more pierce resistant to sharp objects compared with other resistive displays in other products.

Sokkia Archer 2 Features:

• Large Sunlight Readable Display
• MIL-STD 810G and IP68 Certified
• 1GHz Processor
• 5 MP Camera
• 3.5G Cellular Module (optional)
• Internal GPS 2-5m Accuracy