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DredgeGrade Machine Guidance System

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For Excavators dredging from land or water.

Designed for Dredging Equipped Excavators

  • Plan and profile views showing barge, excavator position and real-time depth information
  • Real-time update of cut/fill/on-grade relative to DTM file
  • Supports most GNSS/GPS receivers with the world’s most extensive GNSS library
  • Barge and excavator independent monitoring/visualization
  • Support of angle sensors, flowmeters, and absolute or relative encoders
  • Multiple attachment support
  • Supports multi-boom, multi-stick and tilt bucket

Key Features

  • Supports multiple surface file types directly including dxf and dwg
  • Cut/Fill color map
  • GSM remote support
  • Ability to visualize progress in blind, underwater cuts
  • Calculations menu - inverse, points on a line, create a CL from series of points, etc
  • Newly improved slope routine
  • PDF output of points stored
  • Coordinate editor
  • Localization editor and global projections
  • Unique calibration routine that is accurate and 200% faster