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DrillGrade System

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Position and drilling to correct depth has always been a challenge. We partner with Carlson to deliver the industry-best DrillGrade System, which uses the latest in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology.

The features and benefits of Carlson Software's DrillGrade System© improve the bottom line for mining or construction operations:

  • Get correct depth of all holes
  • Enable correct hole and row distance at bottom of the blast
  • Eliminate need for surveyors to mark collar points and depth

Companies will find that GPS positioning with Carlson DrillGrade -- a GPS drilling system -- provides the answer to this issue

Key Features of Carlson DrillGrade System

  • Accurate drilling for better blasting; better blasting for better fragmentation; better fragmentation for better improved bottom line
  • Operators can navigate and position from within the cab without the need for a surveyor
  • Design can be done from the office or in the field with easy-to-use interface
  • Project and record hole depth
  • Record and measure multiple drill parameters
  • Set-up for angle drilling
  • Remote wireless monitoring provides near real-time system feedback
  • Ability for unlimited tagging of strata and to extract strata information
  • Real-time location of all working machines displayed
  • Reduces blasting costs
  • Lowers survey costs
  • Limits need for over and under drilling
  • Enables all-weather operation, day or night
  • Increases overall safety of operations
  • Provides real-time information for operators and office personnel
  • Keeps operator in the cab and out of harm's way, thanks to stakeless drill pattern layout
  • Has both audio and visual alarms, set up for avoidance zones, to keep machines in safe working boundaries
  • Prevents encroachment of individual machines with proximity warnings – operators know each machine's locations and alarms can be triggered if a proximity zone is breached

Additional Features for Carlson DrillGrade System:

  • Stakeless drill pattern layout
  • Drill to the surface design (DTM), elevation or desired depth
  • Supports most all GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Supports both vertical and angle drilling
  • Graphical historical playback – providing unsurpassed post analysis and operator training
  • Real time data transmission (two-way) provides up-to-the-minute project distribution
  • Instant messaging
  • Create DTM from collected drill data
  • Link to Carlson's blasting module and other Carlson Mining software products

Reporting module provides:

  • As-built drill hole to design files
  • Near real-time volumes
  • Drill productivity
  • Extract strata information
  • Individual machine reports for fleets/users/activities/number of holes drilled