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LandfillGrade Management System

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Ask most anyone, and they’ll agree that landfills often have an unpleasant odor. However, using innovative tools to effectively manage landfills takes away (most of) the unpleasantness.

RDO Integrated Controls partners with Carlson Landfill Management products, which are designed for use with landfill compactors, dozers and motor graders.

The 3D positioning software provides real-time information in the machine and in the office. This allows operators to reach desired density maximizing airspace in less time as well as minimizing daily cover. The office software offers productivity analysis and a new generation of invaluable daily density and volume reports can be remotely monitored from anywhere.

With Carlson Landfill Management, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint. With accurate daily analysis reporting of actual material placement, you’ll see the benefits of fewer passes and optimal compaction. As a result, operations will see lower fuel consumption, cost of operation, and machine wear.

Key Benefits of Carlson Landfill Management products

  • Track your compaction in real time with color mapping
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows two machines to share data real time for maximum productivity
  • Reach optimum density in less time
  • Generate daily density and volume reports
  • Minimize daily cover
  • Productivity analysis and reporting from anywhere

Key Features

  • Eliminate overfill for outer design slopes
  • True recording of actual material placement
  • Avoidance Zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement
  • Import scale house weights for daily density calculations
  • Forward/reverse compaction
  • Collect and stake points
  • Heartbeat Connectivity connects machines and office
  • Remote monitoring of machines with Carlson Fleet Manager Office
  • Historical playback for machines and material placement
  • Customizable screens
  • Support for most all GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Direct import of .dwg, .dxf, TN3, GC3, LN3, TIN, GRD, and more.