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Maptek I-Site Studio Software

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Maptek I-Site Studio Software is an intuitive point cloud processing package.  Designed for mining and other surveying applications, I-Site Studio has a host of features and tools to quickly turn detailed datasets into easy to understand results.


  • Accurate 3D stockpile models: Quickly build and maintain accurate 3D models of stockpiles, voids and tailings dams
  • Pre/Post blast analysis: Track progress against blast plan and assess the impact of any misfires
  • Geological analysis: Analyze mine geology and monitor highwall, slope and spoilbank stability using high resolution photograph accurately aligned over scan data
  • Faster surveying: Deliver better, faster end of month surveys and reconciliation reports
  • Open pit tools: Scan selected sections of a pit and integrate the new data into the current pit model, and automatically detect toes and crests to update mine models

Features include:

  • Easy to use interface: Use intuitive workflows that rely on toolbars, drag and drop functionality and minimal data entry
  • Multiple data formats: Work with CAD data, visualization and modeling formats including DXF, DWG, CSV, 3DP, ZFS and PTX
  • Flexible registration options: Effortlessly match surface features and register to survey stations
  • Powerful modeling tools: Create accurate 3D models using topographic triangulations, fusion surface, and loop triangulation
  • Intuitive filtering options: Filter data by dataset or individual points selected with intuitive freehand or polygonal lasso options
  • Extensive analysis tools: Efficiently analyze large datasets using querying and visualization tools such as color scans by distance and section view mode
  • Specialized geotechnical module: Analyze structures and surfaces, monitor movement and identify dominant structure and trends
  • Global registration: New global registration uses single step to register multiple scans and objects together, increased accuracy and saving time
  • Impressive presentation options: Create animations from a series of key frames and deliver professional quality, high fidelity digital video output
  • Share rotatable models: Direct export to 3D PDF and Universal 3D file formats so models can be viewed dynamically by all stakeholders
  • Customized language interface: Choose from American English, modern Chinese, Spanish, German and Japanese, with the language interface chosen automatically based on the PC settings