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RDO Integrated Controls partners with Carlson for the TruckPro solution, a GPS-based assignment and tracking system for haul trucks.

TruckPro allows dispatch operators to know haul truck locations and material types during transit, even in blinding conditions. It tracks operators, downtimes, delay codes, material types, load counts, cycle times, and delivered tonnage. The truck routinely broadcasts its position to the tracking system, so that routing can be modified and speeds monitored for different road sections. Your process and equipment performance can be monitored and analyzed to gain advantage over your competitors.

TruckPro is ideal for real-time tracking applications, since dispatchers can monitor haul truck locations, even in blinding conditions. By knowing the truck locations, the dispatcher can more accurately assign trucks to digging equipment. This means reduced idle times and elimination of excessive movement, which results in less maintenance and cost. Known load locations also enhance blending practices.

In addition, TruckPro aides the shift foreman or engineer in calculating material types and tonnages hauled for the shift. Furthermore, the heavy equipment operator has instant feedback on their performance statistics; thus, giving them goals in which to better.

This product consists of two-way communication between dispatch and the vehicle, a GPS with meter-level accuracy, and a rugged touch screen computer. This program works semi-real time, when the radios have line of site communications. A future release of TruckPro will include recording the dumping location to aide in further material tracking, which in some instances could lead to stockpile modeling and improved blending.

Key Benefits of TruckPro:

  • Reduced idle time
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower dilution
  • Improved blending and stockpile management
  • Enhanced recovery
  • More accurate tracking for improved planning
  • Comprehensive electronic reporting across the network
  • Road speed analysis can lead to better roads for hauling
  • Reduced staking
  • Low cost alternative
  • On-site support