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Precise Design Layout via Remote Imaging

Simplify Construction, BIM, and infrastructure layout with imaging technology


One element of our complete imaging layout system, the IS-310 from Topcon features integrated digital cameras that simplify workflow, with the ability to aim the instrument remotely, measure objects quickly, and view them directly on a live video feed. Two or three person crews are no longer required to perform precise design layout; a single operator can see through the lens and move confidently. For hard to reach areas, the Topcon IS-310 boasts one of the most powerful EDMs in the industry, returning measurements to any surface easily.

  • Dual camera imaging solution with Through the Lens (TTL) technology
  • Streamlined single operator design layout
  • Remote aiming through live video stream
  • Vivid, dependable photo record of each measurement
  • Longest range of any reflectorless field measurement device