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Emergency Response

Falcon 8 emergency response


Emergency Response Drones

From car accidents to natural disasters, emergency situations happen. But using an emergency drone via leading drone technology is allowing us to be prepared to respond to anything that comes our way.

A typical disaster relief cycle takes time. With insurance claim risk and structural assessments, search and rescue operations, temporary supply delivery and more, there are a lot of logistics to consider. And the longer it takes to get this information, the more danger we put both those affected and our emergency response personnel.

An emergency drone is a cost-efficient solution speeds up the disaster relief process. When passing minutes are precious and you need to respond to an emergency or disaster, an emergency drone will provide the most up-to-date land and structure information, deliver food and medicine to people in need, conduct aerial surveying to find individuals who may be in danger, and more. Plus, using drone technology means you’ll keep emergency response personnel safer, minimizing the instances where they need to enter high-risk situations to search for individuals in need of help.

Reduce the risk for emergency response personnel and save lives faster. Learn more about the Topcon Falcon 8 drone product offered by RDO Integrated Controls.


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