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Make Level Best Your Best Attachment

Make Level Best Your Best Attachment

The Level Best Para-Level series is a grading blade specifically designed for skid steers. It basically turns your skid steer into a high accuracy grading machine, normally done by dozers and graders.

This highly accurate attachment can simplify all grading projects to help you save time and money. With its simple-to-use design, it makes any operator look like a more experienced finish operator.

RDO Integrated Controls has combined the Level Best PL series attachment with the Topcon laser system to give you an easy-to-operate grading machine. And you can use that same Level Best and upgrade to fully automated 3D GPS or for even higher accuracy, mmGPS. With the options of laser, 3D GPS, or mmGPS, RDO Integrated Controls offers one of the most versatile skid steer attachments in the market.

The unique motor grader-like design and reversible cutting edge allows operators to grade both in forward and reverse. The design also gives you stability to make smooth passes with exceptional control.  With the use of the hydraulic valve, full automation allows you to make a smooth finish and reach finish grade a lot more efficiently.

• Three available widths: 72”, 84”, 96”
• Push-pull design grades move forward or in reverse
• Reversible cutting edge on all sides
• Foam-filled tires on oscillating axle
• Universal mount skid steer compatible
• Single or dual mast options

Use on your next project:
• Concrete Subgrade
• Parking lots
• Fine Grading projects
• Parks, golf courses and sports fields
• Side walk construction
• Footings and building pads
• Spreading rock and gravel
• Landscaping projects

Level Best, paired with the latest in Topcon technology, offers you a total solution for your next construction project. Contact us to learn more.


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Customers Spend a Day in the Dirt to See the Latest in Construction Technology

Customers Spend a Day in the Dirt to See the Latest in Construction Technology

RDO Equipment Co. hosted customers from more than six states at the company’s RDO Days event recently held at the John Deere Construction & Forestry division Proving Grounds near Sacaton, AZ.

The event gave customers an opportunity to get hands-on with the latest in construction technology from John Deere, Topcon and senseFly. Nearly 425 customers representing 200 companies attended RDO Days.

After a presentation by John Deere, Topcon, and RDO Equipment Co. experts on equipment and technology advancements, customers enjoyed lunch and then headed out for a chance to jump in the operator’s seats of any equipment they chose.

In addition to plenty of hands-on time with John Deere dozers, scrapers, loaders, and more, the afternoon featured in-depth workshops focused on topics such as UAV applications, laser scanning, mobile mapping, and Topcon Magnet software.

Dan Baxter, Superintendent at Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. from California noted his goal for the event was to learn more about Topcon technology. “What we have experienced recently while renting equipment from RDO Equipment Co. and now through this event in Arizona, has opened our eyes to more possibilities,” said Dan.

He added, “Every element of the show was intriguing, from seeing the machines and grade control in action,  to hearing from people who have real life stories of how these products have worked for them. We have some tough work ahead of us and I look forward to coming up with solutions together with the RDO Equipment Co. team to help make our projects even more successful.”

“Our goal for events like RDO Days is to forge connections with our stakeholders that are effective, powerful, and mutually beneficial,” stated Christi Offutt, RDO Equipment Co. CEO and Chair of RDO Equipment Co. and R.D. Offutt Company. “It’s about taking the time to meet and learn about our customers’ unique businesses. It’s about those intangible bonds that form when both sides are equally involved.”

Want to learn more about the products demo’d in the dirt? Contact us today!


Discover the RDO Marketplace and Why You Should Purchase Parts Online

Discover the RDO Marketplace and Why You Should Purchase Parts Online

At RDO Integrated Controls, we’re proud to other a vast online marketplace to enhance the convenience for our customers. From drones to used equipment to machine accessories, our marketplace offers a large variety of products, parts and accessories. And whether you’re in construction, agriculture, mining, or more, we have the products and services you need right at your fingertips. As with shopping for many other products and parts, there are a lot of advantages to purchasing your RDO products online. Here are a few reasons why you should.

  • Convenience
    Our online marketplace allows our customers extreme convenience when shopping for and purchasing their products. With 24/7 availability, a large product selection, and competitive prices, customers are free to shop at any time of the day without any worries of decreased product selection or increased prices.
  • Comparison
    While shopping in person allows you to see and feel the products before purchasing, online shopping gives you an even greater advantage. With all products side-by-side in our online marketplace, you can gather information quickly and easily compare features of different products. Looking for a side-by-side comparison of drones for sale? Need information on the best precision agriculture technologies? You can see it all in one place. This saves you time and allows you to find the best solution to suit all of your needs.
  • Suggestions
    By utilizing our online marketplace, you not only have access to the vast product lines RDO has to offer, but you also have access to expert product suggestions to help you find what you’re looking for. Based on what product you’re viewing, we’ll offer suggestions on related products, products viewed by customers who viewed the same products as you, and the most popular products.
  • Credibility
    Along with product suggestions, customers also have access to customer reviews for each product. This gives you a first-hand look at what actual customers have to say about the products and solutions RDO offers. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll have no doubt you’re buying the best product available to you.
  • Wish list
    One of the best features of our online marketplace is the wish list. At RDO Integrated Controls, we know how easy it is to want all of the latest and greatest technology out there - but we also know that the budget doesn’t always allow it. With the wish list feature, you can go through and add all of the products you’re dreaming of. We’ll save it for later, and you’re free to return at any time to buy any or all of the items.

Whatever your product or part you’re looking for to fit your needs or industry, check out our online marketplace. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our website for more details.


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Hybrid Positioning: The No Compromise Solution

Hybrid Positioning: The No Compromise Solution

Robotic total station systems are valuable tools to leverage in field management projects, but with a small addition, you can turn them in to a powerful, no compromise solution. By adding a small GNSS receiver, you can leverage hybrid positioning and get the job done faster and more accurately.

What does it take to switch to a hybrid positioning system?

Switching to a complete hybrid positioning system is a simple process. It only requires you to add a small GNSS receiver to your robotic setup or using your robotic system with your GNSS rover.  During a hybrid positioning session, the system maintains automatic communication to both the robotic total station and the GNSS receiver on top. This helps improve accuracy while working in project conditions that frequently change.

What are the benefits of using hybrid positioning?
There are many benefits to hybrid positioning for many industries, including geopositioning and construction. First and foremost, it performs faster field work than standalone robotic systems. This improves the progress of your project from start to finish, eliminating the guess work and providing you with accurate data quickly and efficiently. It also helps you easily determine safe and convenient locations for your project from GNSS measurements.

Other benefits of hybrid positioning technology offered through RDO Integrated Controls include:
• Faster field work than standalone robotic/GNSS solutions
• Combination of fully robotic system with lightweight GNSS receiver
• Hybrid lock of rapid prism acquisition in dense areas
• Hybrid switch with single screen tap to bounce between optical and GNSS measurements
• Hybrid resection to start production at locations that are safe and convenient
• Compatibility with all Topcon robotic total station systems

For more information on hybrid positioning and how to take your robotic system to the next level, contact our team at RDO Integrated Controls today.


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Commercial Drone Compliance with Part 107

Commercial Drone Compliance with Part 107

The FAA is moving closer to delivering on it promise to “provide a framework for integrating new technology safely into our airspace.” The FAA Modernization Act of 2012, mandates a standardized and permanent system for governing commercial sUAS (small unmanned aerial vehicle system) in the national airspace. The FAA Part 107 rules will be a new option other than the 333 Exemption which is the only current system for commercial sUAS compliance. There are plenty of rumors about what Part 107 compliance will entail and all we have to go on are the proposed rules from the FAA. 

Let’s first identify some key differences between proposed Part 107 and the 333 Exemption based on the FAA publication; Overview of Small UAS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking http://1.usa.gov/1nXowSI

What’s different about Part 107?

No need for previously licensed FAA pilot as operator. The Part 107 aeronautical knowledge test contains only segments from the Private Pilot test that are relevant to sUAS operations and nothing more.

An extra VO (Visual Observer) is not required for flights. One operator is the only individual responsible for the flight and the location of the sUAS. This relieves the burden of having to employ a two man team but it does require a much more observant operator who is both watching the computer and the sUAS at all times.

No need for Air Traffic Control clearance in class G airspace. This is a big deal. In summary it means that uncontrolled airspace up to 500 feet is available to you. This would negate the need for a COA (certificate of authorization) unless you intend to fly near airports (A,B,C,D airspace) or in otherwise restricted spaces.

Proposed Part 107 Operator requirements

  • Pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center. This would likely be your local flight school location
  • Be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.
  • Obtain an unmanned aircraft operator certificate with a small UAS rating (like existing pilot airman certificates, never expires).
  • Pass a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test every 24 months.
  • Be at least 17 years old.
  • Make available to the FAA, upon request, the small UAS for inspection or testing, and any associated documents/records required to be kept under the proposed rule.
  • Report an accident to the FAA within 10 days of any operation that results in injury or property damage.
  • Conduct a preflight inspection, to include specific aircraft and control station systems checks, to ensure the small UAS is safe for operation.

Next Steps

When to expect Part 107 available and how to prepare; The estimates range from Spring of 2016 to Late 2016 but of the five FSDO’s (Flight Standards District Offices) we’ve spoken too, four of them expect to see the roll out in June of 2016.

The FAA has not yet released curriculum or study material for the Part 107 knowledge test. Meanwhile it would be a good idea to look into Private Pilot training literature from sources like your local student pilot program or online sources like AOPA.com, flight school sites, and Wikipedia. Get to know the airspace classifications (A,B,C,D,E,G), basic meteorology, air traffic control communications, and basic center of gravity calculations. RDOIC will keep you up to date as the FAA releases more details about Part 107 training opportunities.


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