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Processed Flight Data Formats Part 3: Animations and Triangulations

Processed Flight Data Formats  Part 3: Animations and Triangulations

Part 3: Animations and Triangulations | MPV, AVI, CSV
What’s what, and what is it for?

Welcome to Part 3 of our 3 part series on Pix4D and PostFlight Terra 3D digital outputs.  In this final segment, we cover Animation Outputs available and touch on the least visual of all the outputs - the CSV of X,Y,Z coordinate points in the point cloud.

An animation created by “flying through” the data set.  Although not usable for accurate measurements and meaningful volumes, these animated fly-throughs are popular for marketing, internal reports, and project overviews.  Managers can use these to share a visual representation of a site with employees, investors, or online in a website portfolio without the need for modeling software or a high power computer. The files are relatively smaller than a full resolution point cloud or triangulated mesh and are compatible on PC, Apple, and Linux operating systems. Data sets can be flown through as a point cloud or a mesh, as many times and at as many angles and speeds as desired for multiple versions. Animations can be exported as either MPV or AVI and can be edited in popular movie editing programs where music or narration can be added along with special graphics and scene transitions. You can create an animation using the animation tool in the Ray Cloud view.

Also referred to as an “XYZ” file, this text document containing individual point parameters, is not proprietary and can be read by any professional point cloud editing software. This large text document contains X,Y, and Z coordinates of every point in the cloud and can be exported in Space, Tab, Comma, and Semicolon format as a .xyz file. These are readable in Windows Notepad but often times need to be opened in Microsoft Excel and saved as a .csv before imported into point cloud editing software. Your XYZ file will organize the data for the points in this order even if you are using an arbitrary coordinate system with GCP’s in Y,X,Z otherwise known as;  Northing, Easting, Elevation. The XYZ file does not include RGB values so the point cloud derived from it will be monochromatic as a result.This short series serves as a starting point for expanding your photogrammetry processing potential. Our goal is to help you learn more about Pix4D and PostFlight Terra #3D output formats and to utilize all the flexibility UAV photogrammetry data can provide.

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FAA Part 107 Rules for Flying Drones was Just Finalized. What’s next?

FAA Part 107 Rules for Flying Drones was Just Finalized. What’s next?

On June 21, the FAA announced that Part 107 Rules for UAS (Drone) Operations in the National Airspace have been finalized.

The name of the operator's certificate required is "Remote Pilot's Certificate" and clients will need one to fly with Part 107 or their Exemption.

However, the new rules will not be implemented for 60 days, presumably in late August. Until then, you may consider the current operating rules unchanged, and use this window as a time to prepare.

Overall, this announcement has great benefits for the use of UAVs in agriculture, civil engineering, aggregate, and mining industries. It will now be easier for companies to become compliant to fly commercial UAVs.

Here are the highlights from today's announcements:

Getting the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification for non-FAA Pilots

  • You may begin the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification training online.
  • You may take the Knowledge Exam at an FAA testing Center once the Rule is implemented.

Getting Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification for current FAA Pilots

  • You may begin the Part 61 additional Remote Pilot Certification training online.
  • You do not need to take a Knowledge Test at a testing center, but must complete the online training course .

Current 333 Exemption Holders

  • Your FAA Pilot must complete the online Remote Pilot Certification training online before the implementation of Part 107.
  • Your 333 Exemption is still valid per the time period stated on it.

Pending 333 Exemptions

  • You will be notified by the FAA that you are in one of three tiers and be given options to continue or transfer to Part 107

TSA Approval

  • You will be required to be approved and vetted by the TSA in order to fly with a Remote Pilot Certification.

What are the final rules?

  • The FAA has posted a summary and a complete overview of the final rules, which will be implemented later this summer.

Want to Learn More?
Our experts at RDO Integrated Control offer an FAA Compliance Package as part of our Fleet Shield Services. This consulting service provides best practices, advice, and training on all topics covering compliance with the FAA, TSA, and local governments as they pertain to commercial drone flights. Contact us to learn more.

Helpful Links
Fact Sheet
Final Rules Summary
Final Part 107 Rules


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Motor Grader 3DMC2 Measure-up & Calibration + BONUS White Paper Download

Motor Grader 3DMC2 Measure-up & Calibration + BONUS White Paper Download

“Does a degree make a difference?”

For anyone dealing with GPS systems, you already know the answer to this. In layman’s terms – yes, a degree can make a significant difference. But determining how that degree can alter accuracy with a 3DMC2 system is another story.

At the RDO Integrated Solutions Center, a team of highly-trained individuals provide solutions for Topcon, Carlson, Sokkia, and all other manufacturers sold and supported by our team.

With call volume growing each year (in 2015, they took more than 5,000 calls), the Solutions Center has heard – and answered – a lot of questions.

The number one topic they receive calls on, however, is a lot more specific than you might think:

Resolving a Northing, Easting, Elevation issue between a 3DMC2 Motorgrader System and a Survey Rover

To view more detailed, step-by-step instructions, including screenshots, click here to download the complete White Paper.

If you need help with 3D Modeling services, software activations or user access, and more, email us or call 877-90-RDOIC for a direct line to world class support.


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