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Drone and Pile Driver Solutions for the Solar Technology Industry

Drone and Pile Driver Solutions for the Solar Technology Industry

Renewable energy sources are increasingly important contributors to the world’s available energy. Solar energy is one of these sources, making solar technology a growing industry.  There are many technologies available for solar applications, and two of the most cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient solutions include pile drivers by Carlson Machine Control and solar drones from Sensefly.

Carlson Pile Driver Systems for the Solar Industry
Carlson Machine Control provides site management solutions for landfills, mining, piling and other industries. Carlson Pile Driver Systems are complete with 3D machine control and positioning technology. Using this system is a simpler application.
While piling workflow has traditionally been a process requiring staking, marking, and trial and error, the new 3D solar-powered systems allow contractors to benefit from high accuracy navigation, positioning, and easy-to-use software with advanced features.

How Carlson Pile Driver Systems Increase Production and Quality Control
Contractors are able to increase production by entering patterns in their field and navigating to the hole and position piles more accurately. Contractors can also store previously driven piles in an effort to get an improved interface.

The detailed reports available from this tool allow you to see real-time data, such as average pile time, average azimuth, number of piles driven, and more. This information gives contractors an accurate, visual plan for their projects and helps determine what they need to do to be more efficient. With its accuracy and ease-of-use, Carlson pile drivers empower piling contractors improve production while lowering cost and increasing safety at the same time.

Drone Applications for the Solar Industry
Drone technology has evolved and reached new horizons for use in solar technology. Solar drones are revolutionizing the way topography surveying and panel monitoring are done.

How Solar Drones Use Pre-Installation Topography Surveying
Before any construction or installation of a solar field is started, the terrain must first be surveyed and analyzed. Solar drone technology provides more accurate, cost-effective aerial surveying than traditional aerial surveys.

Solar drone aircraft, such as the SenseFly eBee and eXom, fly at lower altitudes and slower speeds, which allows for more precise data collection. Solar drones also offer the ability integrate green technology operations.

Pictured below is a one-foot topography map generated for a renewable energy company prior to installing solar panels within a 200 acre parcel near Boise, Idaho. This data was collected with the Sensefly eBee solar drone at an altitude of 375 ft. with a vertical accuracy tolerance of 2.5 to 4 inches.

As you can see, the data obtained is incredibly accurate. It’s collected at high resolution and is much more cost-effective than alternative aerial survey options. 

How Solar Drones Provide Benefits for Post-Installation Solar Panel Monitoring
Solar drones with thermal cameras are extremely effective at monitoring the productivity of solar panels on both the ground and structures. Solar panels are a prime candidate for this type of solar technology.

The senseFly eXom multirotor system uses an intelligent, on-board thermal camera. This allows an individual to establish tolerances and thresholds to oversee the efficiency of solar panels throughout their lifespan. It also eliminates the need to place personnel in dangerous positions, such as on top of roofs and tall structures.

Below is a sample data set of solar panels mapped with the eXom thermal camera.

In the image, you can see the solar drone’s sensors capture various levels of heat signatures reflecting off surfaces, providing the most accurate visual representation of where heat sources are.

Get High Quality Solar Technology Solutions
The advances in solar technology are growing. If you’re ready to improve efficiency and accuracy with your pile driving or surveying project, check out details about our pile driving products and solar drones at RDO Integrated controls. Visit our website to learn more.


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