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For more information contact our Solutions Center or call 877-90-RDOIC.

The RDO Integrated Controls Mapping Division services the mapping, scanning, and GIS needs of RDO Integrated Controls clients.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona we service all of RDO Equipment Co.’s territories and perform scanning work nationwide. Currently in inventory, we have two Topcon IP-S2 Mobile Mapping systems (High Definition and Compact+), a Topcon GLS 2000 terrestrial scanner, a Maptek I-Site 8810 terrestrial scanner, and a plethora of all Topcon surveying equipment.

Our Mapping Division functions as both a retailer as well as a professional services consultant. Sales of equipment is our primary mission but we will act as a sub-contractor to perform data collection, analysis, & extraction on specific projects. Partnerships are developed with customers to allow them to pursue work that they do not currently have the capital for the equipment or if the customer wants to gain experience with new technology.

Since the inception our Mapping Division has collected, processed, and analyzed over 5,000 miles of road data with mobile LiDAR systems, performing both survey controlled and mapping grade collection.  From this 5,000 miles over 20,000 individual assets have been extracted, analyzed, and integrated into client based propriety systems.  This experience has allowed us  to develop an extensive set of best management practices, which ensures that our clients receive the highest quality data.

Currently the RDO Integrated Controls Mapping Division is working with engineers, architects, cartographers, landscapers, archeologists, universities, mines, municipalities, DOTs, contractors, construction companies, Flood Control districts, designers, and the military.  Projects with said partners include road work, asset inventory & extraction, topography mapping, break-line extraction, airport collision detection, facility BIM, cultural heritage, civil design, vegetation analysis, Volumetrics, and reserve studies.

The Topcon GLS 2000 and Maptek I-Site 8810 give the Mapping Division a range of terrestrial scanners appropriate for any application from indoor BIM modeling to long range scanning for mining applications. We will work with clients to ensure that the proper tool for each specific job is used.

Internally we utilize and leverages a plethora of different technologies including ESRI ArcGIS, AutoDesk Civil 3D, OrbitGIS AIM, Virtual Geomatics 4VGD, I-Site, Scan Master, Magnet, Google Earth, Spatial Factory, & Adobe Suite.