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GPS, Laser, Survey, and Machine Control equipment is precise, innovative, and highly technical. In fact, they compare to scientific equipment used in controlled laboratory settings. However, unlike a laboratory that requires a germ-free environment, the equipment you use must work in all harsh environments and all weather conditions.

If a repair is needed, know that RDO Integrated Controls has Topcon licensed technicians who creatively repair all makes and models so that your down time is limited.

RDO Integrated Controls has repair centers in:

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Billings, MT
  • Bloomington, MN
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Yuma, AZ

If you’re located outside of these states (for example, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, or Wyoming), we have the infrastructure to promptly ship, repair, and return your equipment.