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Industry Leading Fully Automatic X, Y & Z Machine Control

  • Accurately and Efficiently Drive Piles
  • State of the art, integrated GNSS All-In-One receive
  • Remote access into control box via cellular Connection
  • Industry exclusive 3 year warranty*
  • Produce sophisticated reports by machine without the need for telematics or back office software
  • As-built Reports Include:
    • Accurate Elevation of top of Pile
    • Average Pile Drive Time
    • Average Azimuth
    • Number of piles driven
    • Tracks and Documents Pile Refusal
    • Display accuracy of driven piles flagging those user defined tolerance
  • Minimal Operator input required
  • Navigate to Pole with Design Pole Orientation
  • Positon piles more efficiently and with high accuracy to increase productivity with field layout and PV installation
  • Reduce time and cost of site setup and surveyinging associated with layout and pile location



  • Site setup
  • Pile layout
  • Top of pile as-builts
  • Network RTK 
  • Pile volumes
  • No waiting for survey stakes
  • Check Grade anytime & any where
  • Best fit existing grade to find array slopes
  • Find electrical lines in the field from CAD information



High-resolution mapping
  • Create high-resolution 2D and 3D maps, or complement fixed-wing drone data by mapping a site's highly included and vertical surfaces
3D Modeling
  • Capture high-resolution aerial imagery and transform this into full 3D models of solar project buildings and small/medium-sized infrastructure
  • Examine and document surfaces and objects in high-resolution

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On the RDOIC blog: 

RDOIC teams up with Vermeer and Carlson to create a unique solution for the solar industry.

RDOIC Solutions Center

Direct line to world class suport from our Unitest States Centralized Support Team for all TopCon, Carlson, and Senesfly Products. 

3D Modeling Services team available to create and design engineered GPS models, including surface DTMS and pile files.