Advantages of Partnering with Topcon Topnetlive

5 Reasons to Partner with the TopNETlive Network

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The TopNETlive network is a subscription-based, real-time GNSS network correction service. It allows users to connect to a true VRS network, with the option to select a single baseline RTK correction in an area where signal quality is degraded. Subscribers have the ability to connect quickly to a reliable network with 24/7 accessibility, and there are no bases for users to set up and localize on their own.

For those in industries such as surveying, construction, agriculture, and GIS who aren’t yet utilizing the network but are interested in the opportunity, here’s why to choose the TopNETlive network.

1. Customer Coverage
RDO Integrated Controls offers TopNETlive coverage in five states: California, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The company has consistently grown and expanded its coverage of the network and plans to continue to do so in 2019, opening the opportunity to more customers across the company footprint.

2. National Network
The ever-growing support of TopNetlive by RDO Integrated Controls builds on Topcon’s existing network already established in 19 other states. This makes TopNETlive the largest network in the country with more than 700 reference stations.

3. Robust and Reliable
There isn’t another network out there with the national coverage, reliability, and accuracy in machine control as offered with TopNETlive. Furthermore, Topcon Positioning Systems works closely with RDO Integrated Controls to provide advice on network design, antennae installation, and positioning to ensure the highest-quality, professional-grade, real-time GNSS reference network services.

4. Buy-In Benefits
TopNETlive is a network cooperative managed by Topcon Positioning Systems and its global dealer network. The unique nature of this cooperative gives clients and users the opportunity to invest in the network, receive benefits that enable return on investment in fewer than three years, and maintain the benefits as long as their reference stations are active in the network.

5. Abundant Applications
The TopNETlive network is practical for several applications across numerous industries. Its accuracy and availability have opened the network to be used on high-profile construction projects, from large scale highway construction to airport runways. Professional land surveyors and engineers can save time and enhance safety on the jobsite by using the TopNETlive network. And the opportunities the network offers in cropping, fertilization, and land-leveling applications contribute to its rising popularity in precision agriculture.

As coverage continues to expand in the TopNETlive network, the possibilities will grow for current RDO Integrated Controls customers, with doors opening for other professionals seeking time-saving, accuracy-boosting tools on the jobsite.


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Adam Gilbertson has 15 years of experience with RDO Equipment Co. and leads technology efforts with RDO Integrated Controls as a Vice President. He is focused on Topcon technology and integration with heavy construction equipment to create better opportunities for customers. Connect with him on Twitter @RDOICAdam.

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