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A Day in the Life at RDO Equipment Co. – Product Specialist, Mark Anderson

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Working on lasers and GPS units might not be the first things that come to mind for someone with a diesel technology degree, but for Mark Anderson, that’s the direction his career has taken him.

Starting out as an intern in the Access Your Future Program, Mark continued with RDO Equipment Co. as a Field Service Technician – becoming Capstone-Certified on nearly every piece of John Deere equipment along the way – before joining the RDO Integrated Controls team as a Product Specialist.

Today, Mark draws on his heavy equipment background and knowledge of the inner-workings of machines to bring customers the latest technology solutions that help them enhance their business. 

Hi, my name is Mark Anderson and I’m excited to take over RDO’s Instagram account to show you a little bit about my role and the latest in machine technology. I work as a Product Specialist for our Integrated Controls region in the Midwest. One of the biggest parts of my job is to diagnose and repair Topcon Positioning equipment. I also spend a lot of time training customers to become more familiar with the technology. Have a question about machine technology? Drop a comment below – and I hope you’ll stick along as I share what today has in store! . . . 1 of 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOIC #topcon #ProductSupport #MachineControl #Construction #Constructionequipment #heavyequipment #survey #lasers #surveyor #technician #dieseltechnician #rdoequipment

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In my role, I cover the areas in Grand Forks, ND; Sioux Falls, SD; and Moorhead and Marshall, MN. In the Midwest, we utilize the winter season to bring in our customer’s gear, update firmware, software, inspect equipment, and make repairs. It’s our goal to make sure everything is ready to go in the spring, when our customers get back up and rolling full speed. Once the season changes, I’ll be busy installing systems, wiring everything, training customers how to use it, answering any questions – and of course, ensuring that it continues to perform like it should to keep them up and running. . . . But for today, I’m in Moorhead making a repair on this GPS unit’s screen. I tore the unit down, made the repair, and put it back together. . . . 2 of 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOIC #ProductSupport #MachineControl #Construction #Constructionequipment #heavyequipment #survey #lasers #surveyor #technician #dieseltechnician #rdoequipment #Topcon

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Working on lasers and GPS units might not be the first thing you think of pursuing with a diesel technology degree, but my career path has been pretty great. While pursuing my degree I was sponsored by RDO Equipment Co. and received a financial incentive through their Access Your Future Program. After graduating, I worked in the Moorhead shop for about three years, before I started running a Field Truck. During this time, I was encouraged to continue my learning and training, so I became Capstoned in nearly every piece of John Deere equipment. . . . It was in 2013, while I was working as a Field Service Technician, that the Integrated Controls team needed someone to help calibrate and become more familiar with the Topcon equipment, so I started helping out, going on demo’s and getting exposure to it. Soon, it became my full-time position. . . . I always liked electronic components and electrical systems, so working with Topcon products has been a great fit for me. My background on heavy equipment and the knowledge of how a machine operates has proven to be incredibly beneficial when serving our customers. . . . 3 of 5 . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOIC #ProductSupport #MachineControl #Construction #Constructionequipment #heavyequipment #survey #lasers #surveyor #technician #dieseltechnician #rdoequipment #topcon

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This 770GP grader wasn’t Topcon ready when the customer purchased. Since this customer is a seasoned user, he wanted to move his systems to this machine. I wired the machine to accept a grader system, install sensors, and then measure and calibrate the machine – all to make it Topcon Ready. Since that’s finished, they can move main components over and begin using a Topcon system. In the Midwest, installs like this one are rare in the winter; it’s in the spring when our customer start winning jobs and getting back in the dirt that they add equipment. . . . 4 of 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOIC #ProductSupport #MachineControl #Construction #Constructionequipment #heavyequipment #grader #motorgrader #JohnDeere #survey #lasers #surveyor #technician #dieseltechnician #rdoequipment

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I take a lot of pride in my work and finding solutions to our customers’ problems. When someone calls you upset, and by the time you leave their jobsite, they’re in a much better mood than when you got there – that’s a good feeling. Every day is certainly different, and that’s one of the reasons I love my job. But I think my biggest enjoyment is seeing our customers succeed. . . . I recently sat down with a customer who just purchased an excavator system. He commented that the time saved and the increased production, would ultimately change the way they operate and do business. I’m part of a team that’s helping our customers do their jobs easier and more efficiently, and you couldn’t ask for anything more. . . . 5 of 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOIC #ProductSupport #MachineControl #Construction #Constructionequipment #heavyequipment #survey #lasers #surveyor #technician #dieseltechnician #rdoequipment #johndeere #topcon

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As much as he enjoys working with components and technology, Mark says finding solutions to customers’ challenges and seeing them succeed are the best parts of his job.

Mark enjoyed giving RDO Equipment Co. customers, partners, and fans a look at what a day is like at RDO Integrated Controls. See all his photos on the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account.

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