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Attending a tradeshow can be overwhelming. There are numerous exhibitor booths to visit and a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.

Adding to the sheer busyness factor, virtually every attendee needs to get the most value out of attending a tradeshow. Some go in search of a solution to a nagging problem. Others go with the intent to purchase something they’ve thoroughly researched.

What’s your purpose in attending the next tradeshow on your calendar? Here are three common tradeshow goals and how RDO Equipment Co. can help.

And don’t forget to further maximize your tradeshow experience with these 7 post-show tips.

I want to: Find a solution to a challenge
Tradeshows are full of solutions, whether equipment, software, or specialized technology. You can go into it with a specific challenge you have, and potentially come out with the answer.

If you come across a machine or technology add-on that’s of interest, ask to see or try it right there at the booth. While this may lead to more questions rather than answers, it’s important to understand how it works to know if it’s the right fit.

A step further, RDO Equipment Co. offers equipment demos, and special events for customers to see, learn about, and test new opportunities. Ask about future opportunities to try new machines and technology.

I want to: Learn about new equipment and tools
You don’t know what you don’t know. There might be something a company offers that, while you don’t think you need, might be a great asset. A piece of equipment technology might solve challenges you didn’t know you had by improving operator productivity or offering more efficient, effective operation.  Tradeshows present an ideal opportunity to learn more about products that might be of interest, now or down the road.

NQuote1_TradeshowGoals_Jan19RDO Equipment Co. is a partner of several manufacturers, including John Deere, Vermeer, Wirtgen, and Topcon, focused on multiple industries and solutions for everything from construction and roadbuilding to recycling and machine control.

It may be tempting to pass by a booth that doesn’t seem to fit but you never know. Take the time to explore companies not on your initial “must visit” list. A quick visit might lead to a new relationship.

I want to: Purchase equipment or a technology solution
You’ve done the research and you’re attending a tradeshow to cement the decision to buy what you believe is a win. A few final steps will help ensure the right purchase is made.

1. ROI and Cost of Ownership
Return on investment and cost of ownership are two important price-related factors to discuss. A good salesperson will offer a realistic expectation of ROI and what you can do to best achieve it in a reasonable timeframe.

Cost of ownership is boiled down to measurable, hard costs like fuel usage and wear parts. ROI is more subjective; especially for contractors, several factors come into play. For rental houses, it typically means establishing rental rates and utilization goals. For both, preventative maintenance (PM) is also a large contributing factor to achieving ROI.

Because PM is among the best ways to encourage ROI, RDO Equipment Co. offers PM packages through its Fleet Shield Services program, including regular equipment care and annual inspections from certified technicians. The level of PM support can be customized to each company’s needs.

Equipment and technology are big ticket items, no doubt price is a major factor in the buying decision. By looking at the purchase as what it truly is, an investment, you can check the final box off the list – or, if it doesn’t add up, move on to a new option to alleviate buyer’s remorse down the road.

2. Financing
It does neither the buyer or seller any good if a machine is of interest but it’s not affordable. Financing questions must accompany discussions related to a purchase. RDO Equipment Co. works with customers, as well as John Deere Financial and other lenders, to make sure a purchase is affordable and figure out the best plan.

To determine monthly payments on new or used equipment and see how a purchase will affect the bottom line, take a look at RDO Equipment Co.’s Financing Calculator.

3. Warranty
Most manufacturers offer an equipment warranty but what that looks like will vary from one to another. While nearly everyone asks what’s covered under warranty and how long, take it another step and analyze how that will fit your company’s needs. Doing so will help determine an extended warranty is worth the money or if it’s not needed. NQuote2_TradeshowGoals_Jan19

4. Availability
A speed bump on the road to a satisfied purchase that has emerged within the past year is lead times on new equipment. It can take six, even nine months from order to receipt on a new machine purchase.

If the new machine you want is needed within a couple months or even weeks, that’s no longer a realistic timeline. In this case, avoid the pain that comes with purchase and delayed delivery by possibly looking at a pre-owned machine that’s available right away or discover if a rental equipment solution can help until your machine can be delivered.

5. Operating
Anytime a new machine is brought on the jobsite, there’s a learning curve. How steep that curve is depends on several factors, including operator experience, the user-friendliness of the machine, and, potentially, technology like machine control or smart compaction.

Find out if the equipment dealership provides training or other ongoing support after the sale. RDO Equipment Co. offers the RDO Promise on several makes and models of equipment, as well as ongoing service and support.

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to learn, see what’s available, evaluate options, and, in some cases, buy.

In addition to these three specific goals, tradeshows are all about making connections. Getting to know exhibitors and meeting sales professionals who can help down the road are also valuable outcomes of attending a tradeshow, so be sure to put on your networking hat and take plenty of time to start building relationships.

Looking for more? Here's a helpful infographic that loutlines the 5 things you should consider. 

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