Complete Integration is here: Introducing John Deere's 700K Smartgrade Dozer

Complete Integration is here: Introducing John Deere’s 700K SmartGrade Dozer

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The newest in John Deere technology was unveiled at World of Concrete in January. Sporting a graduation cap and boasting, “I’m a Genius,” many attendees were buzzing about the 700K SmartGradeTM Dozer.

But before making its Vegas debut, this unit had already been moving dirt in southern Minnesota for Mathiowetz Construction Company. An earthwork and construction management company, Matiowetz was contacted by John Deere to demo the newest technology.

What was their reaction?

Brett Mathiowetz, Assistant Project Management Team and GPS Manager, is in charge of bringing new technology to the company, so was eager to test out the SmartGradeTM Dozer.

“They’re taking it to another step and allowing that dozer to use sensing to see how it’s interacting with the ground and the earth that it’s moving and using that to further enhance the information you’re getting from GPS and the machine control side of things, and making it more of a single unit.”

At World of Concrete, Liz Quinn, Product Marketing Manager for John Deere, laid out the ‘smart’ behind the SmartGradeTM.

“It’s a fully integrated GPS grade control system into crawler platform. The monitor has been completely integrated into the John Deere cab. Most importantly, we got rid of the mast and cables typical in an aftermarket system.”

Learn more about the SmartGradeTM Dozer, (even more here), and check out what one of our team members has to say about this new piece of equipment. Want to learn more about this integrated solution? Contact us today.