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Better Excavator Operation with the Topcon X-53x Auto Excavator System

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The Topcon X-53x is the newest automated edition of its 3D modular aftermarket solution for excavation. Building on the functionality of its original system, the X-53x adds hydraulic, automated control. The system replaces the excavator joystick with aftermarket Topcon joysticks that run the machine and system.

With easy-to-use fingertip operation that lets the operate quickly switch from manual to automatic, the Topcon automatic excavator system is intuitive, comfortable, and natural. Once the operator gets close to grade and starts pulling back, the boom and bucket will react, either driving down or coming up to grade.

Watch to learn more about how the Topcon auto excavator system is designed to make every excavator operator, whether novice or veteran, work faster, more efficiently, and do a better job.

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