Topcon Releases New Products at bauma

Topcon Releases New Products at bauma

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Today’s customer wants solutions that will solve their problems. And in the construction world, those problems often include escalating project costs and tight deadlines.

RDO Integrated Controls is proud to partner with the best manufacturers and leaders in the industry, like Topcon Positioning Systems, which is committed to helping customer increase efficiencies and increase profits, while reducing risks.

At this year’s bauma construction show, Topcon debuted several new technologies – and we’ve recapped the highlights below.

X-53x Automatic: Increasing efficiencies through automation in excavation
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At bauma, Topcon announced it is making a further step towards complete automation as a solution to the problem, unveiling the new automated edition of its 3D modular aftermarket solution for excavation — the X-53x automatic.X-53x Auto Excavator Topcon Image

The X-53x automatic has fingertip operation, with the system designed to provide automated depth control, minimizing the risk of over-digging while maximizing productivity, saving time and reducing costs with additional environmental benefits too, due to the potential reductions in fuel. Click here to read the full release.

GTL-1000: Topcon introduces a new scanning robotic solution for vertical construction
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Topcon Positioning Group introduces a new generation of scanning robotic total stations — the GTL-1000. A compact scanner integrated with a fully featured robotic total station, the system is designed to offer a powerful instrument for single-operator layout and scan on a single set up. Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, it offers a new standard of construction verification workflows.GTL-1000_Topcon- Image 1

The innovative instrument includes a complete robotic total station that provides full-featured layout functionality with single operator control. The system is designed to build upon proven prism tracking and accuracy that allows operators to confidently layout points in challenging construction environments. With the press of a single button, operators can then initiate a scan.

Learn more about the latest robotic solutions from Topcon by clicking here.

Pavelink: Topcon’s end-to-end paving solution
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At bauma, Topcon has launched its own revolutionary software as a service (SaaS) application, Pavelink, to seamlessly integrate with existing planning and management tools to improve and advance efficiency. It minimizes issues such as overages or potential paver stoppages by addressing them more quickly or before they even arise.

Click here to read more about Topcon’s revolutionary paving solution.

LN-100: Topcon introduces a new heads-up display for hands-free construction layout
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Topcon Positioning Group introduces a new LN-100 hands free, voice activated heads-up display (HUD) solution. This wearable assistant provides visual layout directions via HUD glasses that guide the operator using an LN-100 to efficiently perform layout work at a construction site. The wearable assistant enables customers to use both hands to accurately mark layout points.

“This innovative device operates with simple voice commands to complete construction layout with precision,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning. “In addition, the wearable display is capable of taking pictures and videos to easily document progress and key construction points-of-interest. Compared to conventional layout methods, this new HUD speeds layout productivity by up to 80 percent.”LN-100_HUD_2_Topcon- Image 1

Learn more about the wearable assistant software that helps speed up construction workflows and allows immediate report generation while on the construction site by reading the full news release.

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