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Don’t Wait – Get Your Annual Equipment Inspection Now

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Not getting an annual equipment inspection can be costly. Along with regular preventative maintenance, an annual, thorough inspection is one of the best investments to make for equipment ROI and year-round uptime.

While fleet managers and equipment operators, as well as homeowners and large property owners, all know the value of detailed inspections, many simply don’t have the knowledge or resources to properly and thoroughly inspect every machine on an annual basis.

A trusted equipment partner can help by offering annual inspections on new and used equipment, large and mini machines. Here’s why an annual inspection now from RDO Equipment Co. is a must-have to avoid costly downtime for compact and heavy equipment.

Expert Expertise
Something as important as equipment health should be trusted to professionals. Those untrained or inexperienced in equipment maintenance and technology may have the best of intentions, but can easily miss trouble spots and crucial points, or perform repairs or system upgrades incorrectly.

Most dealerships employ trained, certified equipment technicians who ensure the highest level of care is given to every machine. RDO Equipment Co. and other technology-leading dealerships also have dedicated experts in equipment technology who can ensure systems are calibrated and working properly, and software is up-to-date.

In addition to their level of expertise, skilled technicians and product specialists have a keen ability to “see” what the average person can’t. They draw on experience and recognizable patterns, often allowing them to spot issues that don’t seem alarming but, if left untreated, could turn into serious problems.

Technology Upgrades
As technology continues to advance, more solutions are continuously becoming available to help equipment operate more efficiently and effectively. Skipping an annual equipment inspection might mean missing out on a chance to update a machine.

Just as they have product specialists who can quality-check existing systems, technology-focused dealerships are poised to offer new opportunities to customers, from precision agriculture technology to GPS machine control solutions, and show them how to successfully implement.

Details Matter
While most ongoing PM programs include important tasks like changing oil and replacing air filters, there are certain tasks while, only needed on an annual basis, are often more time and labor-intensive. 

An annual inspection needs to go much more in-depth. Dealerships often include a thorough process highlighted by dozens of crucial check points.

This attention to detail extends beyond machines and systems, as most dealerships keep precise, thorough records of maintenance and service. Good record-keeping gives a technician greater insight into the machine’s history – what it has been through, past problems, and how it has been maintained. This level of detail can help with troubleshooting or offering proactive suggestions.

It happens to everyone at some point or another – busyness sets in and preventative maintenance slips or is neglected altogether. Depending on how often this happens or what is skipped, this can put the machine at risk for even a small problem to become a costly one.

An annual equipment inspection ensures everything that needs to get done does get done, and the machine is in its best position to provide uptime all year long.

Take Action
RDO Equipment Co. offers an annual inspection program for new and used machines, from John Deere equipment to Vermeer equipment and several other brands. The company also provides annual inspections for GPS machine control, paving, and other systems, as well as special opportunities for annual training and technology upgrades.

In addition to large machines and professional-grade technology, smaller construction, landscape, and even lawn and garden equipment can be brought in for a detailed inspection. In some areas, RDO Equipment Co. offers a mobile maintenance program, conveniently providing lawn mower and compact tractor service at a customer’s home.

No matter where you choose to have your equipment serviced, make sure to get it inspected this winter to promote both ROI and year-round reliability and uptime.


About the Author
Jennifer Boyer is an expert in equipment service, spending several years managing service operations at RDO Equipment Co. in Pasco, WA and working closely with service technicians. Expanding into aftermarket management at RDO Equipment Co.’s newest consumer products-focused store in Kennewick, WA, Jennifer oversees both parts and service, and ensures proper care of all sizes and brands of customers’ equipment.

Find out more about RDO Fleet Shield Services preventative maintenance program, or contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store to schedule a winter inspection.