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Drone Options – Which is Right for Your Business or Job Application

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There’s a lot to consider when adding a UAV to a business. Who’s going to operate it? What data should it collect and how will we analyze it to make better decisions?

Before getting down to the details and digging into goals for the UAV to achieve, companies must first know the available solutions, which of the choices is right for their industry, and why.

RDO Integrated Controls specializes in helping customers find the right UAV for their business. For those just beginning the search, the company offers a diverse portfolio of UAV products and services to work for multiple industries, from construction to agriculture to mining.

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Learn more about four drone solutions provided by RDO Integrated Controls, then choose your industry to find the one best-suited to common applications.


Featuring a fixed-wing configuration and unique VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) design, the WingtraOne can take off and land anywhere, while also having the ability to fly long stretches and cover large amounts of acreage. It also offers RGB and multispectral sensors, and a high-quality 42-megapixel camera.
Lands best in ground winds less than 18-MPH, however, improvements are planned in the next release.

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Topcon Falcon 8+
The Topcon Falcon 8+ offers an eight-propeller copter design with redundant systems to ensure safe operation on jobsites with sensitive infrastructure or potentially dangerous conditions. It’s also wind-resistant up to 35-MPH and can maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces that people or other drones would have trouble accessing. It offers high-definition imaging, both thermal and RGB stills, 1920x1080 video recording, and 30x optical zoom.  
It’s not an efficient option to do large-acreage mapping flights. 

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Kespry Precision Drone
The simple and rugged Kespry drone features a copter design that’s easy to operate with a 20-megapixel camera for quality mapping. It can operate in sustained winds up to 20-MPH and handle gusts up to 30-MPH. It’s best for straightforward flight plans and is completely automated with online processing included.
Mid-quality camera; no option for manual control.

Kespry also offers a unique UAV business model. It’s subscription-based – the drone and software aren’t purchased by the user. Kespry’s end-to-end solution includes use of the aircraft, unlimited Cloud processing and data storage, UAV insurance, training, and support. 

Sentera offers cameras, sensors, and its Field Agent online processing and analysis suite that can be used with any type of DJI drone. RDO Integrated Controls customers have the option to add Sentera payload to their existing drone or purchase a complete system, payload and DJI UAV included.  
Drawback (*assuming use with a DJI drone):
DJI drones are consumer-grade quality compared to Wingtra, Topcon, and Kespry, which are designed for professional use.

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Choose your industry to discover which UAV solution is best-suited for the industry and why it's ideal for the tasks commonly done on those jobsites. 

UAV Solution: WingtraOne or Kespry Precision Drone

Using a drone for construction is an area of growing popularity. The construction industry is large – there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all UAV solution. What might make sense for a large builder may not be the right fit for a smaller company.

Why the WingtraOne

With its fixed-wing and VTOL design and ability to cover multiple acres in a single flight, the WingtraOne is the best drone for large construction jobsites, and task such as pre-construction planning, surface analysis, civil survey, and ongoing progress monitoring.

Why the Kespry Precision Drone

The Kespry is the best drone for construction sites smaller than 100 acres, those that need regular volume measurements, and smaller-scale civil projects. Kespry is a good drone option for residential or small commercial construction companies, or those that can’t or don’t need to justify owning their drone. The subscription-based ownership and operation plan can also be a good fit for smaller companies, as there’s little training necessary and no data processing skills necessary to develop and view the data online.

UAV Solution: Kespry Precision Drone or WingtraOne 

One of the more common industries for drone use, mining presents several opportunities to improve efficiency with UAV solutions. Because mines vary greatly in size, there isn’t one clear choice that’s suitable for all.

Why the Kespry Precision Drone

For smaller mines with focus on material handling and area measurements, the Kespry drone is the efficient choice for repetition-based analysis, and online volumes and surface measuring features.

Why the WingtraOne

For mines with larger square mileage needing to do tasks like larger surface and volume analysis, topography work, and vegetative reclamation, the WingtraOne is the right UAV.

UAV Solution: Topcon Falcon 8+ or WingtraOne

Similar to the construction industry, using a drone for inspection work is growing in popularity – and also just like construction, the world of inspection work is diverse. From bridges to solar panels to oil pipelines, the projects one would do in this industry are varied.

Why the Falcon 8+

The Falcon 8+ from Topcon is the best drone for most inspection work, thanks to its design, including great wind resistance, the triple redundancy safety system, thermal, video, RGB, and 30x optical zooming.

Why the WingtraOne

There are inspection applications for which the WingtraOne is worth considering. Because of its 5-mile range and ability to fly longer distances, it’s a much more efficient drone for pipeline inspection and long corridors like road work and transmission lines.

UAV Solution: WingtraOne and Sentera

Automation is a popular topic in agriculture and UAVs are a big part of the conversation. There are many practical uses for drones that farmers can harness to make better agronomic decisions. In order to best address common agriculture-specific tasks like weed detection, stand counts, and creating sprayer prescriptions, a drone with a multi-spectral camera option is needed.

Why the WingtraOne

Farms are large and getting larger. The WingtraOne’s ability to cover multiple acres in a single flight makes it a standout drone for farmers. The onboard multispectral camera develops agronomic and visual spectrum data simultaneously.

Why Sentera

Sentera offers a unique advantage in that its lower-cost payloads can be added to DJI UAVs. The systems come with state-of-the-art agronomy software Filed Agent for quick and accurate online analysis.

UAV Solution: WingtraOne

Professionals have been using manned aircraft to aid in ecology and earth sciences work for quite some time. Because of their ability to cover large areas, UAVs are being looked at as a more economical solution.

Why the WingtraOne

Similar to agriculture, ecology tasks such as habitat management and wildlife monitoring (both land-based and off-shore) equal the need for a drone that can cover multiple acres. The large acreage factor is also present in the earth sciences industry and tasks like watershed monitoring, flood plain analysis, and geo-thermal structures analysis.

UAV Solution: Falcon 8+ or WingtraOne

Disaster response is a unique area where a UAV can provide incredible value. The goals of using a drone for disaster response are perhaps the most varied of any other industry, and will be the ultimate decider.

Why the Falcon 8+

The thermal cameras and night-flying capabilities of a Falcon 8+ make it the hands-down choice for the time-sensitive task of survivor location. High wind resistance, triple redundant onboard flight computers, and extremely accurate flight controls help get into tight spots with confidence.

Why the WingtraOne

For the task of building a map of flooded areas after a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane, the WingtraOne’s ability to cover large areas puts it at the top of the choice list.

UAVs present professionals in several industries the chance to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently. With the breadth of industries served at RDO Equipment Co. and RDO Integrated Controls, customers have the opportunity to find the best drone for their unique industry, situation, and goals.

Additionally, the RDO Integrated Controls team of experts offers UAV operation, data processing, and modeling training, while the RDO Integrated Controls Solutions Center provides UAV support.

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About the Author
Bill Edmonson is an FAA-licensed manned and unmanned pilot with nearly 10 years of experience in military and commercial applications for UAV. As RDO Integrated Controls’ Lead Product Mapping Product Specialist, his chief focus is supporting development of industry-specific workflows and best practices for creating actionable data with maximum ROI and efficiency for customers.

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