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Expert Advice On Topcon’s mmGPS System

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The United States has roughly 2.3 million miles of paved roads – and approximately 250 million vehicles and extreme weather conditions, which create an ongoing need for paving projects.

With businesses receiving incentives for smoother pavements, relying on dated string line technology costs time and bottom-line dollars.

The ability to check the precision of the machine in real time achieves more than any traditional paving operation could do, with twice the man power in half the time. Learn more about 3 key benefits of Topcon’s paving system.

1. Cut Costs
With the Topcon mmGPS system, the end user can greatly reduce costs by minimizing materials, labor, and accessibility to equipment and material. By eliminating string lines, the end user can reduce survey and engineering costs and the manpower to set up, check, and tear down the tedious and not-always-reliable string line industry standard. 

2. Improve productivity
Topcon mmGPS has the ability to move from machine to machine throughout the advancement of the project. Starting with a motor grader equipped with mmGPS, the sub grade can be prepared from multiple directions and also multiple machines can be run off the same transmitters.

The Topcon mmGPS can be easily moved to concrete or asphalt pavers for final surfacing. During the paving process, the mmGPS machine and the survey rover are used to ensure surface accuracy without having to stop progress.

3. Ensure reliability
Topcon mmGPS has six major components:
a) Topcon PZL Laser Transmitter
b) PZS GPS Rover Receiver
c) GPS Base Station
d) PZS MC Sensor
e) MCR3
f) GX60 Control Box 

The laser technology in the PZL transmitter creates a 30 foot high signal of precision elevation control that can sweep out to a 1,800 foot area. The Laser Zone sensors, either on a rover pole or machine mast, compute precise elevation measurement anywhere within the laser zone. Multiple transmitters can be used simultaneously to achieve more than 4,000 foot nonstop precision. What’s this mean for users? Unparalleled reliability and accuracy.

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