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Get to Know our Partners – Wingtra

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RDO Equipment Co. is proud to partner with nearly 150 manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to the best equipment, products, and total solutions from trusted companies.

Find out more about what these partners offer – everything from construction and agriculture machines to machine control and irrigation systems – by getting to know one of them: Wingtra.

Primarily focused on the surveying industry, Wingtra offers a professional-grade UAV with a unique feature: a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) design. In this Q&A, Wingtra’s Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Basil Weibel, discusses the advantages of a VTOL drone, the various customers they serve, and what the term “Wingtranaut” means.

When did the partnership between Wingtra and RDO Equipment Co. / RDO Integrated Controls begin?
We first began exploring a partnership in 2017 and, in January 2018, made it official.  

Sum up Wingtra’s offerings in one sentence.
The professional VTOL WingtraOne drone can take off and land anywhere as a multicopter but fly in the air as efficiently as a fixed-wing aircraft. In combination with our high-end camera and PPK option, this makes it the most attractive drone for high precision mapping and surveying applications.

Who are Wingtra’s main customers and what types of projects are they working on?
Wingtra's main industry is surveying. Most customers are either surveyors or owners of big projects like mines or quarries, which require high-precision surveying and mapping. Our drone also proves very useful in precision agriculture, environmental research, and mining. A few unique projects some of our customers have used it for are highlighted on the Wingtra blog.

Team members are referred to as Wingtranauts – where did that term come from?
We wanted to find a way to refer to our people as more than “employee.” For people at Wingtra, the company culture and positive team vibe is very important, and the term "Wingtranaut" seems to perfectly connect with what we do. As one of our co-founders, Elias Kleimann says, “We do cool things with cool people.”

What’s one little-known yet interesting fact about Wingtra?
I believe there are many of such facts. One is that WingtraOne drones run on the same type of batteries as Tesla automobiles. 

Founded in 2016, Wingtra has already gained international reach. The Wingtra team looks forward to the WingtraOne growing in use for surveying and mapping applications thanks to the unique VTOL technology.


To learn more about Wingtra UAVs and support, contact the team at RDO Integrated Controls. Visit the Wingtra website to see the full lineup of products offered and find out more about the company.