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How Mapping & Professional Video Drones are Changing Hollywood

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Everyone’s heard about how drone technology is changing the way many industries operate. And when it comes behind-the-scenes for movie and video production, mapping drones are changing much more. With cinematography advancing to include exotic locations and cutting-edge action scenes, filming has not only become wildly expensive, but also increasingly dangerous. By leveraging the technology drones have to offer, production companies can excel their CGI and video methods, while saving money and improving their workers’ safety.

Improving Production without Increasing Cost

Technology has increased over the years, and so have the visual and special effects of movies. Production companies are now spending millions of dollars to get the perfect shot for the films. Often times this includes taking drastic measures, such as using a helicopter or cranes, which can cost a lot of money, use many resources, and take a lot of time.

Using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone, allows production companies to fly over various situations to capture what is needed. Using a professional video drone for aerial cinematography means production companies save thousands of dollars in gas, avoid unsafe circumstances for workers, and get back the time that previously had to be set aside for one shot. All is needed is a drone and a pilot. And with the precise technology that drones have to offer, quality for the movie isn’t sacrificed.

Prioritizing Quality As Well As Safety

Making a movie can be dangerous. Directors, producers, and videographers are often forced to shoot in unsafe situations or scenarios in pursuit of the perfect shot. Through the use of drones, cameramen are no longer required to be put in danger for the sake of the movie. Professional video drone technology captures and produces the same material humans once did manually, but in a much safer way.

Because the operator of the drone is not physically tied to the drone, this allows for the drone to be used in a dangerous location while all people are left unharmed. And mapping drones are also able to scan and capture information about an entire area, providing production companies with verified information on whether or not it’s safe to proceed with the original film plans.

Location Shoot Planning

In order to get certain shots for films, the current process includes meshing together several photos that were taken on a standard camera. This is a long and inefficient process to achieve the desired outcome. But with the ability to preplan a drone flight and the orthomosaic results, a drone produces images with GPS location along with videos.  Drones can fly the site prior to shooting and provide data to populate a 3D model of a location shoot.  With that data model the studios can seamlessly plan the shoot from the office.

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