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How the Solutions Center Solves GPS, Machine Control, and Technology Issues

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From GPS to machine control to UAVs, the technology opportunities for the construction, mining, surveying, and related industries are robust. In order to be successful, companies need a knowledgeable, trusted partner to provide support, long after initial implementation.

RDO Integrated Controls does more than offer these emerging technologies. The team partners with customers long after the sale to offer ongoing service and support. One of the ways they do this is through the Solutions Center.

What is the RDO Integrated Controls Solutions Center?
Made up of a group of expert team members, the RDO Solutions Center is comprised of Technical Support, 3D Modeling, and Mobile Mapping. The Technical Support team provides phone support for Topcon, Carlson, Wingtra, and other partner brands, in addition to supplemental field trainings. The team quickly solves challenges, troubleshoots, and gets customers back up and running fast.

As one can imagine with technology, dozens of support calls come to the Solutions Center every day. Even if you don’t take advantage of the Solutions Center, you’ve likely had your fair share of technology-related questions. Here are 10 examples of the most commonly asked questions and issues the Solutions Center receives, and what the team provides to customers.

Issue: The Topcon GX-60 Control box will not connect to MC-R3 but power, satellites, and RX are functioning.
Solution: After receiving this customer issue, the Solutions Center developed an eight-step resolution: the Reset Ethernet Protocol in GX-60. Customers are able to save the resolution whitepaper for future use or be walked through the process by a Solutions Center team member.

Issue: Need help resolving a Northing, Easting, Elevation issue between the rover and machine.
Solution: GPS questions are among the most common that come in to the Solutions Center. The team developed a whitepaper to address this issue: 3DMC2 Measure-Up. The measure-up and calibration process includes motor grader machine setup, motor grader calibration, blade trim, and MC-A2 antenna alignment.

Issue: How do I start my base station?
Solution: Keeping in mind there are several configurations of base stations and types of radios, the Solutions Center created a guide, based on the most common, to take the customer through the process.

Issue: How do I configure my rover radio settings?
Solution: Again, taking into consideration the number of configurations, types of radios, and format types available, the Solutions Center’s step-by-step guide addresses the common options so they can walk the customer through the process that fits his/her needs.

Issue: Carlson grade goes into “demo” mode.
Solution: First, the team identified the cause of the issue: corruption to the UOA file when the X20 Control Box doesn’t properly shut down. In addition to sharing this for future prevention, the team tells the customer to set the UOA to “ready-only” mode in windows, which will prevent the file corruption.

Issue: How do I run the Carlson Grade in window mode?
Solution: The Solutions Center identified a fast, relatively easy answer to this question: A -border must be added to the target line in the shortcut tab. If needed, a Solutions Center team member takes the customer through the quick three-step process.

Issue: Need to adjust Side Shift on a John Deere motor grader.
Solution: A whitepaper was developed to address this common request. The customer can reference the paper or have the Solutions Center walk through the process to set up and calibrate side shift, which features three primary steps.

Issue: How to view the hidden diagnostic screen in 3D-MC.
Solution: After identifying the hidden diagnostic screen is useful for looking at raw values for sensors, and is a way to verify excavator calibration, the team created a whitepaper that takes the customer through a four-step process, also including a final verification step.

Issue: How do I export just a point, line, or surface file from 3DMC to a USB drive, and not the entire project file?
Solution: The Solutions Center take the customer through six main steps to export just the single pt3 file he or she wants.

Issue: I’m having issues with UAV flight and processing computer hardware.
Solution: UAV questions have become more common in recent years. The team identified, in most cases, issues are related to eMotion3/Pix4D display issues, such as flight lines and point cloud not showing, ghost flight lines, and font too small. A hardware recommendation is made and a software configuration process developed for the customer, if needed.

In addition to providing immediate support, the Solutions Center uses all calls as a way to develop whitepapers, guides, and training resources for customers. Because, as important as it is to help when something goes wrong, the best thing the team can do for customers is prevent issues to begin with.


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Jay Mercer is General Manager of Technology Support for RDO Integrated Controls and based in Billings, MT.


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