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Hybrid Positioning: The No Compromise Solution

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Robotic total station systems are valuable tools to leverage in field management projects, but with a small addition, you can turn them in to a powerful, no compromise solution. By adding a small GNSS receiver, you can leverage hybrid positioning and get the job done faster and more accurately.

What does it take to switch to a hybrid positioning system?

Switching to a complete hybrid positioning system is a simple process. It only requires you to add a small GNSS receiver to your robotic setup or using your robotic system with your GNSS rover.  During a hybrid positioning session, the system maintains automatic communication to both the robotic total station and the GNSS receiver on top. This helps improve accuracy while working in project conditions that frequently change.

What are the benefits of using hybrid positioning?
There are many benefits to hybrid positioning for many industries, including geopositioning and construction. First and foremost, it performs faster field work than standalone robotic systems. This improves the progress of your project from start to finish, eliminating the guess work and providing you with accurate data quickly and efficiently. It also helps you easily determine safe and convenient locations for your project from GNSS measurements.

Other benefits of hybrid positioning technology offered through RDO Integrated Controls include:
• Faster field work than standalone robotic/GNSS solutions
• Combination of fully robotic system with lightweight GNSS receiver
• Hybrid lock of rapid prism acquisition in dense areas
• Hybrid switch with single screen tap to bounce between optical and GNSS measurements
• Hybrid resection to start production at locations that are safe and convenient
• Compatibility with all Topcon robotic total station systems

For more information on hybrid positioning and how to take your robotic system to the next level, contact our team at RDO Integrated Controls today.