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Agriculture. Surveying. Construction. Inspection. What do these industries have in common? UAS technology is making an impact across them all, and offering professionals new opportunities to work more economically, efficiently, and effectively.

For the third year, Drone Focus Conference is being held in Fargo, North Dakota to bring together drone professionals, enthusiasts, and others interested in the world of unmanned aerial systems. The event takes place May 31-June 1 and is led by Emerging Prairie, a nonprofit organization in Fargo. 

As a supporter and key curriculum contributor, RDO Equipment Co. is offering a variety of sessions and touching on multiple areas of UAS throughout the two-day event. Learn more about presenters and topics from the RDO Integrated Controls team at RDO Equipment Co.

Workshop Overview – Wednesday, May 31
Last October, RDO Integrated Controls brought together a dozen customers from various industries to be part of a unique event – a fully-coordinated, planned mission of 10 senseFly eBee drones flying simultaneously. This experiment, eBee10, demonstrated scalability and the power drones have when flying together.

Bill Edmonson, UAV Product Specialist for RDO Integrated Controls, will detail the impact and opportunities of operating more than one drone simultaneously. He will also talk about workflow management and regulations operators need to be aware of to execute a multi-drone flight. Bill has 15 years of experience as a drone operator and data analyst, so you won’t want to miss his workshop on Wednesday, May 31.

Focused Lunch – Wednesday, May 31

Ryan Otis, Farm Manager at Otis Farms, has successfully implemented UAS technology into his business, using it for field survey, drainage construction, and assessing crop health. On the other end of the industry spectrum, Ryan Rustan, Engineer at Blattner Energy, uses drones for all-things energy, such as solar and thermal work, survey, and transmission line inspection.

Ryan and Ryan are RDO’s featured guests for Wednesday’s Focused Lunch at the Toasted Frog restaurant. Both longtime and successful drone users, they will answer questions about the real business impact of UAS technology, including how drones have changed workflow and seeing ROI. To attend this session, add on the Focused Lunch when registering for Drone Focus.

Speaker Presentations – Thursday, June 1
RDO Equipment Co. is pleased to welcome Jason Barton, VP of Sales from Agribotix, and Nathan Stein, Application Engineer from senseFly, as speakers on Thursday, June 1.

Both experts in the agriculture industry, Nathan will talk about UAS use in the field, while Jason’s discussion is focused on cloud processing and the data side of drones for precision agriculture.

If your near-future goals include implementing drone technology into your business, expanding your UAS knowledge, or connecting with other drone professionals, join our team at Drone Focus May 31 and June 1.

Visit the Drone Focus event page to learn more about the event and purchase your tickets.

Interested in learning more about drones for business applications? Contact the team from RDO Integrated Controls. 


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Bill Edmonson is a UAV Product Specialist with RDO Integrated Controls. Follow Bill on Twitter @RDOICBillE.