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Looking at 2018 to Make New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

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RDO Equipment Co. has spent most of 2018 celebrating its 50th anniversary – 50 years of partnerships, gratitude, and vision. While mostly focused on reflecting and looking back, it’s equally important to look ahead and strive for success in the coming years.  

In addition to the excitement brought by the 50th anniversary, 2018 was filled with new opportunities and significant moments for RDO Equipment Co. Just as with the 50th anniversary, we believe it’s important to look at these moments with a forward-thinking approach and recognize the impact they’ll have in the future.

As year-end approaches, most begin to think about New Year’s Resolutions, or goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Let’s take a look at 10 of RDO Equipment Co.’s most significant moments of 2018 and how each might help achieve a common goal in 2019.

Goal #1: Take advantage of new equipment availability
In early 2018, RDO Equipment Co. expanded its partnership with Wirtgen into Arizona. As this partnership grows, customers will continue to have access to diversified products from Wirtgen.

Goal #2: Diversify into a new area of business
Get inspired by RDO Equipment Co.’s acquisition of Evergreen Implement, which brought a specialized, new kind of equipment to the company.

Goal #3: Successfully implement a UAV for enhanced capabilities and safety
RDO Integrated Controls’ new partnership with Wingtra brought a new drone to customers – and a unique one that’s appropriate for professionals in industries including agriculture, construction, mining, and surveying.

Goal #4: Move an orchard or vineyard towards more mechanized operation
This year, RDO Equipment Co. expanded an existing partnership with Blueline Manufacturing Co., bringing orchard and vineyard equipment to nine stores in Oregon and Washington. The new machines, specially-branded as Silverline by Blueline, are helping to further mechanize this industry and offer these growers the specialty equipment they need.

Goal #5: Identify something in a company that’s done well but could be done better
Vermeer customers were introduced to a new HDD unit at the first-ever RDO Vermeer Rock the Iron Road Show in October. The new D40x55DR S3 Navigator drill is an exciting new product that builds on an already-successful model and offers new features to improve the drilling process.

Goal #6: Learn something new and share knowledge with others
RDO Equipment Co.’s precision agriculture team is a great example of ongoing learning and continuous sharing of knowledge with others. In the spring of 2018, the team partnered with a local college on a 95-acre land lab designed to give students hands-on experience in the field. The Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab is a three-year project and something to watch to see how learning and teaching can be done simultaneously.
Goal #7: Explore new technology that could improve a company
Whether a technology opportunity like machine control or GPS, when the time comes to implement, RDO Integrated Controls’ Solutions Center and its support can help.  

Goal #8: Try single-use drip tape and drip tape recycling
Thanks to RDO Water’s drip tape retrieval service, the new concept of single-use drip tape will work for many California customers.

Goal #9: Better manage business with RDO Equipment Co.
This fall, RDO Equipment Co. launched the MyDealer customer portal to let customers manage their fleets, parts, invoices, and more.  

Goal #10: Invest in a used machine
2018 was a good year for used equipment and values. Used equipment continues to be a great opportunity for companies of all sizes and in numerous industries. 


Thank you for joining us this year, as we celebrated our 50th year of partnerships, gratitude, and vision. We invite you to learn more about RDO Equipment Co. and follow us on social media as we look forward to more great moments in 2019. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.