Maximize Your Project with a Construction Drone

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Many individuals in the construction industry are finding that construction drones have the potential to play a vital role in their work. From conducting construction surveying to capturing aerial photography to showing clients an overview of a completed project, drones are changing the way the construction industry runs. Here’s how the latest in drone technology will help your project and team be safer and more successful.

Monitor Your Construction Project from Start to Finish
Using drones in construction streamlines the project process and provides real-time insights. Drones use aerial survey and aerial imaging technology so you can survey and monitor all phases of your construction project – from site preparation to project completion.

Construction drones are also easy to manage, portable, and flexible in their ability to quickly obtain information from areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Using a drone with camera technology means you’ll immediately transmit accurate, high-resolution photographs and videos to construction management teams. This accurate cost and time saving process allows teams to review all aspects of the project, manage progress, and make appropriate decisions on the spot.

With the accurate and detailed imagery transmitted by drone technology, plans can be compared with actual construction, and each aspect of construction and assembly inspected for quality control. Plus, materials can be monitored and managed while surveying, mapping and 3D modeling tasks are more quickly and efficiently carried out.

Get the Job Done Safely
Because drones are able to access areas that are otherwise hard or dangerous to reach, you and your team will be able to safely collect the data and information you need. And with aerial survey and aerial imaging technology, construction drones also allow you to check on safe practices and site safety overall.

If you’re ready to have the highest level of accurate information for your construction project, learn more about construction drones. With the best options, expertise, and cutting-edge drone technology from RDO Integrated Controls, we’ll help you get the job done right.