Motorgrader 3DMC Calibration

Motor Grader 3DMC2 Measure-up & Calibration + BONUS White Paper Download

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“Does a degree make a difference?”

For anyone dealing with GPS systems, you already know the answer to this. In layman’s terms – yes, a degree can make a significant difference. But determining how that degree can alter accuracy with a 3DMC2 system is another story.

At the RDO Integrated Solutions Center, a team of highly-trained individuals provide solutions for Topcon, Carlson, Sokkia, and all other manufacturers sold and supported by our team.

With call volume growing each year (in 2015, they took more than 5,000 calls), the Solutions Center has heard – and answered – a lot of questions.

The number one topic they receive calls on, however, is a lot more specific than you might think:

Resolving a Northing, Easting, Elevation issue between a 3DMC2 Motorgrader System and a Survey Rover

To view more detailed, step-by-step instructions, including screenshots, click here to download the complete White Paper.

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