Sugar Beet Surveying with Agricultural Drones

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Reap the Benefits of Precision Crop Surveying with Agricultural Drones

It’s no secret that agricultural drones are becoming increasingly popular on America’s farms. And with sugar beet harvest season upon us, farmers want to make sure they have the best equipment and agriculture technology to measure their sugar beet yield accurately so they can make adjustments and plan accordingly. Read on to see how innovative agricultural drones are making precision agriculture more efficient and effective.

Giving You the Best Aerial Surveying Equipment
Accurate measurement of crop yields has never been more important. And with the latest drone technology, it’s never been easier. A senseFly eBee drone and its numerous camera sensors accurately measure both sugar beet pile volume and temperature, as well as monitor the health of a crop throughout the growing season. When you use the senseFly eBee drone for precision agriculture, you’ll obtain survey data you never knew you’d be able to get.

For example, the data from an agricultural drone allows you to proactively observe and identify unhealthy parts of the crop due to insect infestation, disease, weeds, irrigation deficiencies, or any other issues that affect crop production, such as spoilage within sugar beet piles due to overheating. See below for a thermal image sample taken with the senseFly eXom to determine temperature levels of a sugar beet pile.

Once specific clusters of beets reach above 55 degrees, they begin to rot and can spread spoilage throughout the entire harvest, attributing to large amounts of lost profits. Traditional methods of surveying these temperatures by hand are not very efficient or accurate. SenseFly drone technology provides growers a more efficient, accurate and cost-effective method for addressing the issue and protecting the value of their crop.

Providing High Resolution Imagery

With an agricultural drone, you’ll capture highly accurate images of your sugar beet fields, covering up to hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight - without the cost and hassle of manned services. And the aerial imaging provided by an agricultural drone is conducted at a far greater resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when cloud cover is present.

By using senseFly’s post-flight software included in their drone systems, you can then transform these dynamic aerial images into actionable data. The software easily applies algorithms to generate vegetation indices such as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This data map is key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your sugar beet crop forward. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the sugar beet plans that really need attention.

Collecting Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

Having this immediate and detailed data at your fingertips allows you to assess your sugar beet crop in real-time, so you can quickly and accurately gauge the health of your crop, severity of any kind of weather impact or damage, and beyond. This way, you can plan for the appropriate chemical treatment, fertilizer and more.

Ready to make the most of your sugar beet crop this harvest season? Learn more about the agricultural drones and other cutting-edge agriculture technology available from RDO Integrated Controls.