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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Drone for Bridge Inspection

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Today, technology is continuing to impact many industries by improving processes and increasing safety and efficiency. Drone technology is no exception to this. From construction projects to accident investigations to aerial mapping in Hollywood, drone technology and survey drones have greatly improved how things are done. Check out the top five reasons why anyone involved in bridge inspections should be using drone technology to their advantage.

1. Aids in identifying faults and changes in the bridge disposition.
Detecting bridge faults and changes is very difficult to do manually. It can be time consuming and cause traffic limitations or closures. Due to the time-delayed 3D modeling and change detection features of drones, identification of faults and changes to the bridge disposition has never been easier.

2. Simplifies the inspection process of the underside of the bridge.
Without the use of drones, inspecting the underside of the bridge requires the bridge to be shut down to traffic. This is not only problematic for the bridge traffic, but can also cause a lot of congestion in other areas of town with traffic being rerouted. Conducting drone bridge inspection simplifies the process. Through the use of survey drones, the underside of the bridge can be inspected without upsetting traffic patterns.

3. Improves safety for workers.
When a bridge is inspected without the use of drones, it requires a worker to be suspended under the bridge or to the side of it. This can be extremely dangerous, depending on the size, location, and usage of the bridge being surveyed. By using drones, the need for a worker to be suspended is eliminated, allowing for improved safety and efficiency of the project. 

4. Collects information to create a 3D model of the bridge.
On top of the benefits of improved efficiency and safety. Using drones for drone bridge inspection allows for the creation of a 3D model of the bridge. Having a 3D model of the bridge aids in future development projects for that bridge and other bridge projects.

5. Allows for easy identification of high wear areas.
Identifying high wear areas on bridges is important to preserve the functionality and safety of the bridge. A drone improves this process through the use of thermal analysis. Due to high-resolution sensor systems, the bridge analysis will be very precise and give you detailed information without a manual inspection.

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