Benefits of Individualized Company Training

Top Five Benefits of RDOIC’s Individualized Company Training

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With the constant improvement of GPS and machine control systems, we want to ensure our customers are kept up-to-speed on the newest options and systems available. And one way we do that is by offering individualized, company-specific training.

At times anything “customized” or “personalized” can seem like another added expense, and in today’s challenging economy, even frivolous. But onsite, individualized training, with content specific to your company’s needs, has a lot of benefits – and can end up saving you money in the long run. Here’s how:

  1. One message – one time. Our trainings provide valuable information to everyone in an organization – from the owners to the grade checkers – by providing up-to-date information on the latest features from our manufacturer partners.
  2. Fleetshield Perks. If a customer is enrolled in our Fleetshield services, we’re able to pull up their account history and identify and address any concerns or issues that may have come up. We can then dive into those areas and make sure everyone feels comfortable for the upcoming year.
  3. Looking ahead. Not only do we get to look back on the prior year, but we get to look forward to the projects ahead. This allows us to work through these projects in a classroom setting and anticipate any concerns or potential issues and ensure everyone has the knowledge to work through whatever comes up.
  4. Content geared specifically for your needs. Whether it is an annual refresher for customers who adopted this technology years ago, or workshops provided to a crew just getting started with machine control and GPS systems, our trainings help companies hit the ground running when it’s time to move dirt.
  5. Increased attendance and retention. Since we started offering individualized company training, compared to large, more generalized group trainings, we have seen more participation on a per-company basis and an increase in retention of material covered.

Ryan Lefor is the GPS Earthwork Supervisor for Industrial Builders in West Fargo, North Dakota and has participated in a handful of individualized company trainings conducted by the RDOIC team.

He says the company-specific trainings have been very beneficial to their business. “Our operators and grade checkers get the opportunity to cover their specific issues as well as find out new and improved ways to complete their projects. As the supervisor, I’m able to see the newest products and features available from Topcon so we can implement them in our upcoming projects.”

If you’re interested in learning more about individualized trainings for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team.