5 Reasons to attend a topcon technology roadshow

Why You Want to Attend a Topcon Technology Roadshow

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This summer, RDO Integrated Controls is teaming up with Topcon for its annual Technology Roadshows. So far, the teams have hosted Technology Roadshows in Bozeman, MT and Bismarck, ND. One final event is planned August 15 and 16 in Elk River, MN.

Here are five reasons to attend the Topcon Technology Roadshow, and the equipment and technology you can expect to see.

1. Every Which Way
Equipment demos. Hands-on operation. Discussions about how future technology will impact construction with industry experts. An informative, tradeshow-like atmosphere. The Technology Roadshow offers several ways for attendees to take in the day and learn in the way that’s best for them.

The team of product experts conduct small group demos throughout the day, with others are available for more one-on-one interactions to allow attendees to work with the equipment and ask specific questions. Topcon’s 53-foot traveling truck features a theater and showcase room to offer a more conference-style environment.

2. Share the Wealth
One of the biggest advantages of attending an industry event is the knowledge and learnings it brings to an entire team, not just the attendee.

With the breadth of products and solutions available to take in, attendees can take back and share the information that’s important to their teams.

3. All-Inclusive
The Technology Roadshow covers everything from 3D machine control systems to positioning and measurement solutions, and offers something for a variety of RDO Equipment Co. customers including contractors, engineers, or land surveyors.

While applicable to a broad audience, the format still allows attendees to get targeted information – specific to their industry or a challenge unique to them.

4. Problem, Meet Solution
In addition to the opportunity to learn about the equipment and solutions most important to them, attendees will leave the Technology Roadshow ready to make the information actionable.

Whether addressing a particular pain point or just looking to be more efficient overall on the jobsite, attendees can expect to take away practical ways to implement new technology to solve challenges.

5. Discover Something New
Product experts from RDO Integrated Controls and Topcon will be available to answer specific questions and give a personalized experience to all attendees. Each attendee can tailor the experience to be appropriate for his or her knowledge level, a format that’s especially valuable to those who are very new to the technology on display at the Technology Roadshow.

Because it’s all about the iron, below are the machines and technology RDO Equipment Co. experts are highlighting at the Technology Roadshow:
John Deere 245G Excavator with X53
John Deere 700K SmartGrade Dozer with Sitelink
John Deere 700K Topcon Ready 3DMC2
John Deere 772GP Motor Grader with MMGPS
John Deere 772GP Motor Grader 3DMC
Topcon Base and Rover
Topcon GT Total Station
Topcon mmGPS Laser
Hamm Roller with Intelligent Compaction
Hitachi 245G Excavator with MC-IX
Level Best LPS on John Deere 331G Skid Steer
David’s Dozer V-Loc System

Don’t miss the final Technology Roadshow of the summer. Visit the Topcon Technology Roadshow website to register now.


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Blair Scheibel is Regional Sales Manager with RDO Integrated Controls, based in Bloomington, MN.

For additional details on complete technology solutions and support offered, contact the RDO Integrated Controls team or visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store.