RDO Integrated Controls is now offering cloud-based UAV photogrammetry processing and 3D data management. Our new cloud processing and data management tool provides a flexible and shareable platform that allows you to take action with your site information regardless of its source.

It really is a single location to process your UAV data and manage all of your 3D site assets from design, scans, topos, machine integration, volumes, stock, logistics, site safety, crop health, water management. The list is infinite.

Features Include:

  • UAV Photogrammetry processing
  • 3D data analysis and comparison regardless of the source
  • Volume measurements and stock reports
  • BIM Site management
  • Data sharing
  • Special Analytics, performed by our expert staff

Industries that can use RDOai

Construction & Mining

  • Planning & billing (earthwork management), productivity management
  • Existing and as built topography
  • Volume calculation and reports Inventory management and reports
  • Vertical construction modeling
  • Onsite machine data analysis


  • Input & yield management
  • Weed management
  • Water management

Power & Utilities

  • Risk management & predictive maintenance strategies
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Asset inspection analysis and management


  • Geographic Survey
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental analysis