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State agencies are beginning to require the use of Intelligent Compaction across the country. RDO Integrated Controls is your local expert in supporting these emerging requirements.

Intelligent Compaction Screen Improve compaction quality control and meet agency requirements. Our easy to use software provides a live paint brush feature that tracks all roller operators and provides the reports you need.

topcon_472989_topcon_gx-55_s_20160201_004The Topcon C-53 Intelligent Compaction system meets FHWA intelligent compaction standards and is fully compliant as set forth by the US Highway Administration.

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RDO Experts Featuring Topcon Intelligent Compaction

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RDOIC Expert Dan Wiese details Topcon's intelligent compaction system. Primarily used for asphalt paving, the system uses GPS satellites to accurately track roller passes, and material stiffness and density, resulting in a better finish product. 

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